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Simone Jacoby Awarded GLSHF Scholarship

Congratulations, Simone Jacoby! The Greater Lee's Summit Healthcare Foundation 2018 scholarship awards were given this year to 12 health-focused local college students, including Simone.

Simone says, "My career goals are centered exploration. Exploring the limits of the human body and the depths of space through aerospace medicine. Exploring the boundaries of healthcare accessibility and depths of legislature. Exploring the human condition and the depths of our emotions and experiences. If we’re lucky, life is long and filled with adventures. Some plans come to fruition, while others go awry, giving rise to opportunities we never dreamed of. Wherever I end up, whatever I do, I will never stop exploring. The GLSHF scholarship lets me focus on my learning exploration, refocusing my attention from how I’ll pay back my loans to how I’ll better the world around me."

Since 2003, GLSHF has granted more than $1.3 million in scholarships or grants to a multitude of awardees designed to impact the health and well-being of the greater Lee’s Summit community.

Eligibility criteria, applications and application deadlines are available at

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