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2018 #HealthyLeesSummit Grants!

#HealthyLeesSummit GLSHF ANNOUNCES the 2018 GRANT AWARDS Thirteen Nonprofits Are Making a Healthy Difference in Lee’s Summit

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation (GLSHF) proudly announces the recipients of the 2018 Grant Awards.

GLSHF is dedicated to promoting health and well-being in the Lee’s Summit area, partnering with local organizations who are making a positive impact in the community. This year, grant funds totaling $85,210 will be distributed to 13 grant awardees to support a wide range of nonprofit program needs.


Below is a list of the GLSHF Awardees with grant details:

  1. Lee's Summit CARES—$8,000; grant will support Community Youth Mental Wellness initiative that focuses on suicide prevention in the local schools.

  2. John Knox Village Foundation—$11,710; grant will supply a lift gate for rehabilitation therapy for local seniors.

  3. Coldwater of Lee’s Summit—$3,000; grant will provide food and supplies for Friends Day lunch program and continues to assist this operation that helps feed local low-income students who struggle with finding consistent healthy meals in their home environments.

  4. Hillcrest Ministries—$5,000; grant will provide health-related services to children and their guardians who are caught in homeless situations and working their way toward learning how to budget their way toward sustainability.

  5. Jackson County CASA—$5,000; grant will supply health-related school supplies for children who are caught in homes going through custody litigation and foster care.

  6. Developing Potential—$5,000; grant will provide funds for the health and wellness initiative. It includes funding for a therapeutic bubble wall for their patrons with developmental disabilities.

  7. Truman Medical Center--$8,000; grant supplies pediatric therapy to patients who are not able to receive services within the rehabilitation department.

  8. Hope House—$5,000; grant will fund the Emergency Food project for families working their way through domestic violence situations locally.

  9. New Springs Community Health Clinic—$10,000; grant will supply free health services to local residents who are caught without health insurance but need services.

  10. One Good Meal—$7,500; grant will help fund ongoing meal delivery services to homebound residents who share in the cost of daily meals in Lee's Summit.

  11. United Methodist Church of Lee's Summit—$5,000; grant will support ongoing program that supplies lunches across the summer to the kids who normally receive free and reduced lunches during the school year.

  12. Pro Deo Youth Center—$6,000; grant will help with ongoing services to supply a safe space to teens that are caught in the social gaps in school. Pro Deo teaches youth how to socially interact and work past their challenges as they make their way through high school as young adults.

  13. ReDiscover—$6,000: grant will fund partner and child interaction therapy for families that are dealing with mental health issues.

Since 2003, GLSHF has granted more than $1.2 million to a multitude of projects designed to impact the health and well-being of the greater Lee’s Summit community.

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