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Hailey Baker Awarded GLSHF Scholarship

Congrats to Hailey Baker!

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation is celebrating the 2017 scholarship awards given to 11 local health-focused students, who included Hailey. She is the awardee of a $5000 GLSHF scholarship.

Hailey says, "I grew up in Lee's Summit my whole life and then went to KU for undergraduate, graduate, and medical school. Over this last year, I took a year off from medical school to obtain my masters of science in clinical research to enhance and diversify my research skills. My master's research focused on bio marker discovery for breast cancer. Now, I have started clerkship rotations in my third year of medical school, which is more exciting and hands-on, but also more expensive due to increased costs of clinical experiences and board exams. This scholarship is helping to alleviate some of that financial burden and allow me to focus on my scholastic and research interests, particularly in the field of cancer. In the future, I hope to become a medical oncologist in academic medicine and this scholarship is catalyzing my success throughout this long journey."

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