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Matt Kamp Awarded GLSHF Scholarship

Congrats to Matt Kamp! He is an awardee of a $5,000 GLSHF scholarship. Matt is a Lee's Summit student now studying out-of-state.

Matt says, "The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation scholarship is helping me attend the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University as a first year medical student. I am truly honored to receive the support of a great organization from my hometown to pursue my dream of becoming a physician, even when that dream has pulled me 1300 miles away to the East Coast. I look forward to using these experiences GLSHF has afforded me to support and care for the Kansas City area as I advance in my career as a leader in healthcare."

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation is committed to ensuring that education in the medical disciplines is accessible to our residents.

The 2017 scholarship awards were given this year to 11 health-focused local college students, including Matt.

Know a health-focused Lee's Summit college student? Eligibility criteria, applications and application deadlines are available at

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