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GLFHS Announces 2016 Grant Awards

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation (GLSHF) is proud to announce the recipients of its 2016 Grant Awards. GLSHF is dedicated to promoting health and well-being in the Lee’s Summit area, partnering with local organizations who are making a positive impact on the community. This year, grant funds totaling $74,500 will be distributed to 12 grant awardees to support the following programs:


  • One Good Meal: Awarded $2,500 to support individuals who are not able to pay for the meal service.

  • Coldwater: Awarded $3,000 to support children who are only getting nutrition sources through school programs.

  • CASA: Awarded $5,000 for matching support for kids who are in foster care and receiving advocate mentorship through the court process.

  • LS United Methodist Church: Awarded $5,000 for summer lunch program for children who are not being fed through the free and reduced lunch program provided in the schools during the school year.

  • LS R-7: Awarded $5,000 to support the Summit Technology expansion of equipment for the nursing program.

  • Hope House: Awarded $7,500 to support the replacement of aging air conditioners in the facility.

  • Peace Partnership: Awarded $7,500 to support partnership with two elementary schools to offer free counseling in Lee Summit to improve attendance, lower disciplinary referrals and increase academic performance.

  • Pro Deo Youth Center: Awarded $7,000 to support assistance for teenagers who are in social gap.

  • Metro Care: Awarded $10,000 to support program that connects doctors who will donate their time with patients who don’t have insurance.

  • Developing Potential: Awarded $7,000 to support new laptops that will allow staff to more effectively track health-related information for individuals that are served.

  • John Knox Village: Awarded $10,000 to support the I balance system for physical fitness with the aging population.

  • Hillcrest: Awarded $5,000 to support health/wellness checkups for homeless individuals who are being mentored back to financial security.

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation provides grants annually to support health-related projects in the following areas: Research, Education, Public Training Programs, Programs in Schools, Clinics for Indigent Care, Equipment, and Services. Since 2003, GLSHF has awarded over $700,000 in grants to numerous local non-profit organizations.

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