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Caitlin Lamb Awarded Scholarship

Congrats to Caitlin Lamb!

The Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation is celebrating the 2017 scholarship awards given to 11 local health-focused students, who included Caitlin Lamb. Caitlin is an awardee of a $5,000 GLSHF scholarship.

Caitlin explains how the scholarship makes a difference. "This award not only significantly lessens the financial burden of next semester, but allows me to pursue new opportunities. Because of the Greater Lee's Summit Healthcare Foundation's generosity, I am able to reduce my work schedule next semester to focus more on my studies, a leadership role, and community service opportunities. I am thrilled to be able to use some of this time as the community chair of Saint Luke’s Student Nursing Association. Through this role, I get to directly impact the metropolitan by partnering with local non-profits to create volunteer opportunities for Saint Luke’s students and staff. In the long term, I will have much more flexibility to pursue a post bachelor's degree sooner because of a smaller debt load. I am indebted to this foundation and greatly appreciate their support of non-traditional nursing students like myself."

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